Robert "Bo" Parfet - Author of Die Trying

About Robert "Bo" Parfet

Robert "Bo" Parfet is a longtime Colorado resident and an experienced senior executive with a focus on investment finance. Over the course of his business career, he has served tenures as founding principal of Iconic Development and chief executive officer and chief information officer with Jumar Management. Since founding Denali Venture Philanthropy in 2010, Robert Parfet has led this Boulder, Colorado-based entrepreneurial and social venture as its head administrator.

Bo Parfet is also an accomplished high-altitude ski mountaineer who has traveled the world to summit the highest mountains on each continent, including Mount Everest in Asia, Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, Vinson Massif in Antarctica, and Denali in North America. He recounts the details of this exceptional achievement in the 2009 book Die Trying. Mr. Parfet and his co-author Richard Buskin recount experiences that include crossing a deep crevasse on a skeletal ladder, navigating the treacherous Khumbu Icefall, and burying a teammate who lost his life at an altitude of 27,000 feet.